difference between sashimi and nigiri

difference between sashimi and nigiri

The difference between sashimi and nigiri is that they are both prepared in a dissimilar way. Nigiri is made by sushi rice and with vinegar. In sashimi it is made by a fresh fish, tuna, salmon, lobster and it can also be whale fish and beef. In Nigiri it needs a raw fish on top of the rice. Like sashimi it also has some side dishes and may serve with wasabi and soy sauce. Both sashimi and nigiri are Japanese cuisine.

The taste of the best sashimi depends on the quality of the meat being use for the making of sashimi. Sashimi is thinly slices in different ways. You can’t appreciate the taste of the sashimi if the meat being use it not well freezes or the meat is not in good condition. In nigiri you will need your two fingers for pressing. The difference between sashimi and nigiri are both prepared in a nice plate presentation that most customers convince to buy because of the nice presentation in the menu.

The difference between sashimi and nigiri looks easy to prepare but it’s true the procedure are so simple but the preparation of the ingredients may take time like in sashimi. Sashimi is eaten raw and best use to eat sashimi is chopsticks. You will dip the sashimi in a wasabi and soy sauce. Japanese are very proud of their dishes like nigiri and sashimi. Many people from other country convince to try to eat sashimi coz many people got curious what’s really the true taste of one of Japan’s finest dish.

There some people who will keep comparing the difference between sashimi and nigiri. Well in fact nigiri and sashimi are not the same. They both Japanese cuisine but nigiri and sashimi are created in a different special way. You cannot compare the taste because sashimi and nigiri have a taste dissimilar form each other. Always remember nigiri and sashimi are best in Japan and these two dishes are very delicious kind of food made from Japan.

There are cases that fish use in making nigiri is same with the fish use for making sashimi. But in sashimi all meat of the fish are being slice and put in the bowl and eaten raw. In nigiri the raw fish is only part of the making nigiri.