difference between nigiri and sashimi

difference between nigiri and sashimi

Nigiri and sashimi has a lot of differences. There are people that they misinterpret difference between nigiri and sashimi well in fact these two dishes have a big difference. Nigiri and sashimi is one of the finest foods of Japan. When we speak of Japanese cuisine people are expected that their dishes are delicious. You can see most of their cuisines are being prepared from other parts of the world. Nigiri and sashimi is one of the dishes of Japanese other people loves to eat.

In Japan most of the people are aware of the differences between Nigiri and sashimi maybe there are only few but it’s very seldom if Japanese people unable to determine the difference from nigiri to sashimi. Most people who are unsure if the food they eat is nigiri or sashimi are those people who try to eat this kind of food for the first time and they recognize each food in a wrong way. A western person now loves nigiri and sashimi and they already know the difference between nigiri and sashimi.

Nigiri is one of the best kind sushi in Japan. The ingredients needed for making Nigiri is a raw fish which being put on top of the moulded rice. It is very important to remember that nigiri should be prepared with Japanese rice. Nigiri cannot be completed without rice. Its main ingredients are rice. Unlike in sashimi this is a kind of food that all ingredients being prepared in the bowl is raw. Its main ingredient is a raw fish like salmon, tuna and other seafood.

The ways on how nigiri and sashimi best use in eating they have also have difference. You can eat nigiri using your bare hands. Simply grasp the nigiri in the bowl and eat directly using your clean hand. Another option to eat nigiri is using chopsticks which most Japanese use in eating their dishes. In sashimi since this food prepared raw it is only best to use chopsticks. Always remember that sashimi have no rice. Rice is not part of the ingredients in making sashimi.The difference between nigiri and sashimi has a lot to mention that people should always bear in mind to avoid uncertainty.