cutting sashimi

cutting sashimi

Sashimi is a famous Japanese food. It has been very common Japanese delicacy throughout the world. Many people have been eating sashimi including foreigners and non-Japanese people. Sashimi is just a simple Japanese dish. Sashimi can be eaten raw so it is just simple dish without putting effort into cooking. Sashimi might look simply but there are important things to consider like cutting sashimi. Sashimi is cut into thin pieces. If it’s not cut into thin pieces then it’s not sashimi. There is a right way to cut sashimi. As you know, it is very important you know how to cut sashimi since you need it to cut as thin as possible.

Cutting sashimi requires a cutting board and a very sharp knife. Yes, you will need a very sharp knife to achieve thin pieces of sashimi. Actually, there is a sashimi knife for cutting sashimi. Sashimi knife for cutting sashimi can be found in the market which you can buy in an affordable price. Knife is very important in cutting sashimi and of course it should be very sharp you can test it before cutting sashimi. Cutting sashimi has a right position of the knife and the fish itself.

Cutting sashimi you need to position your knife horizontally like 90 degrees. It is just very simple right but make sure to cut fish at least 1/8 inches as recommended to make a sashimi. Cutting sashimi is just simple to do as long as you know the important things to do in cutting sashimi. As a reminder be extra careful in cutting sashimi it might cut your finger instead of the fish. That is why, you should position your hand and knife rightfully.

Sashimi is a delicious Japanese food. Sashimi is best paired with soy sauce and wasabi to add powerful taste. Many people eat sashimi because it also brings health benefits. You can order sashimi as much as you want to satisfy your cravings for sashimi.