chicken sashimi

chicken sashimi

Other type of sashimi is chicken sashimi. You heard a lot of kinds of sashimi and most of them are made by tuna, salmon or any other seafood. It’s very seldom you will hear a chicken sashimi. Chicken sashimi is not a usual kind of sashimi. First thing you can hear a chicken sashimi it’s somewhat unbelievable coz you can’t imagine yourself eating a raw chicken. But with Japanese cuisine everything is possible.

The chicken sashimi is being chopped into small pieces and like ordinary sashimi it will be serve together with side dishes and wasabi and soy sauce to complete the menu. Japanese are very good in creating something exciting to eat. Chicken sashimi is somewhat people might curious about coz the usual serving of chicken is need to be cook. If you try to look the images and the presentation of the chicken sashimi it’s very convincing that chicken sashimi is delicious.

There are different ways of preparing the chicken sashimi. The way it was cut was in a different way depends on the chef on what kind of plate presentation he wants to prepare. Chefs are very innovative minds that they able to create food that no one could ever believe. Sashimi is very popular wherever places in Japan you will go. A sashimi is kind of food that eaten raw. All its ingredients are eating directly no need to cook.

Chicken sashimi has a different meat compare to a fish. There are some concerns regarding the security of the food. The safety of the chicken sashimi was being question by health concern because chicken should be serve cook not eaten raw. They afraid that chicken sashimi might cause a disease like food poisoning or being affected by salmonella. But in Japan before they serve their food they would make sure the quality of the meat is high. They would make sure the meat is fresh and free from any bacteria.

So far there’s no report in Japan that was being poison by chicken sashimi. Since they serve that kind of food hundred percent that it is safe.