calories in tuna sashimi

calories in tuna sashimi

The tuna sashimi contains calories. The amount of calories depends on the size of the tuna. A one piece of tuna plus rice approximately the calories is 35. Mostly tuna sashimi its slice is small that is why the calories in tuna sashimi is not big. Most of the time 35 or less than 35 is the calories of tuna sashimi.

But if you order assorted sashimi and weigh two to three ounces that would be the time the calories raise to 100. The amount of calories needed by human body depends on age. Our body needs balance nutrients so too much calories may cause bad to our health. Good thing in calories in tuna sashimi contains is just balance to the human body. 31-35 calories in tuna sashimi it will increase a little if you add rice.

The 31-35 calories in tuna sashimi result if the serving is normal. Once the daily serving of tuna sashimi increases the calories will raise 92-100 calories. Tuna sashimi is one of the food serve by sushi restaurants. Some contains higher calories but in tuna sashimi our body also acquire protein, carbohydrates and fats which our body also needed. Tuna sashimi is a fish as we all know fish is good in our health compare to meat.

But of course eating tuna sashimi still requires certain limitations. Too much tuna sashimi will cause some problems in our nervous system. That is why a lot of people have a disease cause by too much eating. It should be balance and eat only what is needed by out body. Too much calories will form into fats and too much fats our body may trigger our health.

There are times that we can forget those nutrition rules in our body. We can eat too much food not what we expect. In order to lose it exercise is considered the best medicine. Through exercise all unnecessary toxins in our body will be release. So if you eat too much tuna sashimi and gain high calories just maintain your daily exercise routine.