calories in sashimi

calories in sashimi

Sashimi is raw kind of food. The main component in making sashimi is fish or any other seafood meat. Sashimi considered being the number one food in Japan right now. Many foreign countries get curious and try to eat this kind of food. Eating sashimi has high risk if the food is not well prepared.

Sashimi is rich in protein coz we all know that fish contains high percentage of protein. It is very important to check the calories of the food you eat. Checking the right calories would definitely benefits the body. Through these it will lessen diseases cause from too much eating of food.

The calories in sashimi will depend on its per serving. It also depends on the fish being used. Calories in sashimi can be breakdown into carbohydrates fats and protein. Sashimi has zero carbohydrates if you will eat sashimi without rice but if you eat sashimi with rice you can earn carbohydrates with rice.

The calories in sashimi are rich in fats and protein but protein earns a highest percentage compare to fats. Proteins are very important in the body and that is why eating sashimi is good to the body and also with moderation. If you eat sashimi in calories and in the right serving you earn balance calories in your body.

High in calories of food you take will take risk on your health. Make sure the calories of the food you eat are just exact of your body need. Even though sashimi is good in protein you should not depend on it coz human’s body also need other important nutrients for healthy living. That’s why we need a healthy balance diet to have a healthy body.