calories in sashimi salmon

calories in sashimi salmon

When it comes to the food that we are about to eat, often times we are concern about the calories. Most people that are concern about their health and in their diet are really concerned about calories intake. When it comes to sashimi, there are specific raw fish that have fewer calories just like the salmon. As you know, 1 serving of sashimi salmon only has 41 calories. Meaning the calories in sashimi salmon is very less compared to other types of sashimi or to other dishes. That makes a realization that a sashimi salmon is not only a delicious Japanese delicacy but aside from that it is very healthy since it only has 41 calories in one sashimi salmon serving.

There is no need for you to worry about eating sashimi salmon simply because you will only get fewer calories per serving. So if you are in a diet routine, there is no problem in eating much sashimi because its calories per serving is very less compared to other processed foods or should I say other types of sashimi not just salmon itself. Eating sashimi is very healthy as long as it is a sashimi salmon. It will only give you less calories so there is really no problem about that. Aside from the calories, one serving of sashimi salmon will only give you 1.68 grams of fat and 6.8 grams of protein. This only proves one thing, sashimi salmon is one of the healthiest type of sashimi there is not only by basing on the calories but also with the fat and protein content.

Sashimi is such a delicious and healthy delicacy from Japan. Right now it has become a demand in the global market and almost all Japanese restaurants offer a Japanese sashimi in the menu table. Sashimi salmon is also very famous in Japan. It is not only delicious but it is also very healthy and very affordable. Salmons could easily be find in different Japanese markets as well that’s why when it comes to customers demands, restaurants owners could easily cope up with it because of the availability of Salmons in the Japanese market.