calories in sashimi platter

calories in sashimi platter

The calories in sashimi platter are different compare to a normal serving of sashimi. In platter there are many different set of sashimi and the serving is not only one but more than one serving. There are different types of sashimi in the platter depends on the restaurants there are tuna and salmon sashimi are combine or some will have one set of tuna but in a bigger platter. It is very important to check the calories to avoid health problems.

Normally the calories in sashimi platter is around 200-210 calories depends on amount of meat in the platter. The 200 calories will breakdown to fats, cholesterol, sodium, potassium and protein and zero carbohydrates since sashimi has no rice but some will eat sashimi with rice and they will also order soup so that it will complete the meal.

The sashimi is made up of raw seafood meat but there are times that they will make chicken and horse sashimi. The calories in sashimi platter will depend on what kind of meat in the platter. If in the platter there are only squid, shrimp and scallops the calories will more or less low down to 180-190 because they have less calories compare to fish.

The sashimi is delicious and healthy kind of food the calories are not that high compare to other food that can cause disease in the body. Although there is still moderation in eating sashimi but at least there is assurance that what you are eating is good for the health and it contains vitamins and minerals needed in the body.

The advantage in platter that you can able to order many sashimis and with less price normally in platter the price of the sashimi is discounted. The calories in sashimi in platter will be divided especially if you are in a group so the calories will be divided and it will go lesser.