calories in salmon sashimi

calories in salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi is rich in protein. Almost all fish is rich in protein it has a high percentage. Aside from protein salmon contains other nutrients that are vital to human. The calories in salmon sashimi will depend on serving. If you eat a lot for sure you can earn high calories. Usually salmon sashimi is eaten without rice. Salmon sashimi is a raw meat and the calories you can get if the serving is 1 piece most likely the calories in salmon sashimi you can get is around 41 calories and it will breakdown to fats,protein,potassium and others. But salmon sashimi is free from carbohydrates if you will not eat salmon sashimi with rice.

In eating a food it is very important that you know how much calories you can get on that particular food. Check the nutrition summary so that you will know the percentage of vitamins and nutrients you can earn. It’s not easy to burn calories especially if you are not an athletic type of person. Salmon sashimi can earn high calories if you eat more than 2-3 servings. Everything you eat requires balance.

Do not be too confident if you eat too much salmon sashimi. We all know fish is very rich in protein. Salmon sashimi has a high protein percentage but human’s body is not dependent on protein alone. Human’s body need to have balance nutrients to have a healthy body and free from any diseases. You can get many nutrients in salmon sashimi alone but in preparing the salmon sashimi there are other ingredients included in serving.

The calories in salmon sashimi should be monitored by the one who eat. Today there are many people being diagnose in so many kinds of disease because they are not health conscious. They don’t mind if the one they eat is unhealthy. It is better to be health conscious coz if not health problems will come along the way. It is easy to check the calories in salmon sashimi just make a research so that every time you eat in restaurants you will know how much salmon sashimi you will order.