california sushi rice

california sushi rice

Sushi originated in Japan but because of its popularity it reached in the western part of the globe like the United States. In California, you can find Japanese restaurants that serve sushi rice. They have their own version of California sushi rice. I have read different reviews from people and they are saying that California sushi rice is indeed very delicious. Even if that particular restaurant is not located in Japan but its taste is really very similar to a Japanese restaurant. California sushi rice is indeed very tasty and a lot of people are intrigue with this dish that’s why there are a lot of people in California that already tasted the California sushi rice and there are some that are still curious about it. California sushi rice is simply a sushi but it is Californian made and not Japanese made.

You can find several Japanese restaurants in California and all Japanese restaurants located in California are serving sushi rice. Aside from their very own California sushi rice, they are also serving different Japanese dishes like the ramen and the sashimi. Tempura is also very popular in California. Indeed sushi is very tasty and delicious but often time it is mistaken with sashimi especially for foreigners. Only Japanese people do recognize the difference between the two but right now there are a lot of people that do recognize it because they actually tasted the two dishes and could say the difference between them. Sushi is indeed very tasty especially if it is mixed with Japanese rice. I love eating sushi even if it is made from a raw fish, it is very tasty and delicious.

A key ingredient of a sushi is its sauce. Aside from its appearance that is very presentable, the way that the fish is being cut is also very critical. Aside from that, sushi grade fish should be served and should be made into sushi and not just any ordinary fish. It should be sushi grade fish and it should also be fresh. Since sushi is raw, freshness of the fish matters a lot and also its grade.