bonito sashimi

bonito sashimi

Bonito Sashimi is another food of Japanese. The fish they use making the bonito sashimi is not an ordinary fish. To catch the fish for bonito sashimi is seasonal. Not all the time they can catch a bonito in the ocean. This is a special kind of fish. It’s difficult to find this kind of fish but it’s worth it when you taste the meat of this fish. The fish catcher need to wait for winter and coz bonito is in the northern part of Japan near Pacific Ocean.

In catching the bonito it should not in net. In order to preserve the freshness of the meat the bonito should catch in pole. The reason is that bonito fish has a strong muscle that can possibly destroy the flesh of the meat. The flesh of the meat can destroy when the bonito fish will try to escape the net so it is advisable that they have to catch the bonito in pole. The skin of the fish can also be useful because the skin of the fish has its own taste when it becomes a bonito sashimi.

Bonito fish has low chances of attacking parasites in the skin. So there is no possibility that the parasites will live under the bonito skin. So the bonito meats are safe when it soak with ice. Before you make the bonito sashimi the bonito should undergo tataki method in order to avoid food poisoning. The bonito should be dry and the meat of the bonito is hard when it becomes dry.

The Bonito Sashimi is one of the highly suggested foods in Japan now. The Bonito Sashimi is best when the meat is raw and dips in a soy sauce. The meat of Bonito fish is brings special taste compare to an ordinary fish. Not everyday people can taste bonito sashimi because the fish can rarely catch. The customers in ordering the Bonito sashimi they have options if they will remove the skin of the bonito or not. Bonito fish can be prepare raw and well cooked. In Japan many people love the meat of Bonito for their food. The Bonito Sashimi is best when you use wasabi for the sauce. It adds extra ordinary flavour to the meat of Bonito fish.