blue fin tuna sashimi

blue fin tuna sashimi

The blue fin tuna sashimi is another kind of sashimi a Japanese cuisine that many people love to eat. In making sashimi chef have varieties of fishes to be use so that the customers have an option what kind of sashimi they want to prepare. Most sashimi being serving them will use fish like tuna. Some restaurants serve crab, shrimp and horse sashimi.

The tuna fish is one of the largest fish that can be found in the ocean there are other kinds of tuna and blue fin is one of the kinds of tuna that catches by fishermen in the southern part of the ocean. The blue fin tuna usually serve by many restaurants because it has the perfect meat. The texture, colour of the meat is perfect for blue fin tuna sashimi.

The person in charge in checking the tuna will make sure that the blue fin tuna will stay fresh and with good quality before they will make blue fin tuna sashimi. The freshness and the quality of the meat will determine how the sashimi taste and at the same the security of the food. The sashimi is a kind of food that being prepared raw.

A raw food is prone to contamination due to wrong procedure and the ingredients are not fresh. The blue fin tuna might be attack by bacteria through its skin and in the meat. In order to achieve a perfect blue fin tuna sashimi chef will make sure the blue fin stay in a high temperature and freeze it well so that the meat will not damage.

A blue fin tuna will be sliced either thinly or in big slices. The chefs will slice it proportionally so that it will look presentable in the plate. In sashimi presentation is very important because it’s one way how to attract customers and there are some customers that will judge the food through food presentation. The Japanese chefs are genius when it comes to preparing food.