best sashimi in london

best sashimi in london

Sashimi is famous in Japan. Sashimi is one of the favourite foods of Japanese. This is one of the best foods of Japanese. For that raw food lover sashimi is best for them and sashimi is a healthy kind of food. It is best for diet since the main ingredients of sashimi is seafood specifically fish. Sashimi has different kinds of presentation with different style of plating but at the end of the day sashimi is still eaten raw.

London is one of the beautiful cities in the world. Today sashimi food conquers London. There are many Japanese restaurants are open in London. Japanese cuisine is not only famous in Japan but also from other country including London. Sashimi catch the attention of the people living I London where one of the proof of these is that there are many branches of Japanese restaurants in London and you can find there restaurants in different are of London.

The Kensington’s Feng Sushi restaurants located in Kensington London cater to their customer’s best sashimi and sushi. This restaurant is not for Japanese people in London only but there much other nationality that came in these restaurants to eat their best sashimi. The Ichi Sushi and Sashimi Bar located in Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London these restaurants serves fresh and delicious sashimi food. London people can easily find Japanese restaurants if they want to eat sashimi.

In Matsuri St James can be found in 15 Bury Streets James, London you can also experience the sashimi food that look so pleasing and from the presentation itself it proves that sashimi is delicious and so interesting to eat. The Ozu restaurant is also one of the best restaurant in London serve sashimi there restaurant located in Country Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, South Bank, London. They offer different varieties of sashimi so that their customers have option.

Japanese cuisine will not left behind when it comes to food. They are the best when it comes to food category. In London you can find different best restaurants serves best sashimi. Sashimi is a Japanese creation and no one can copy the exact taste of Japanese it is because Japanese people have its unique way of cooking and presentation.