assorted sashimi

assorted sashimi

The sashimi is a Japanese cuisine and a raw food most of the time the ingredients is seafood meat and it will be sliced thinly. Many types of sashimi being Japanese restaurants and there are also assorted sashimi wherein the tuna,salmon,yellow fin, blue fin,shrimp,crab and other meat are put into one plate. This fishes are having different characteristics.

The nice thing in assorted sashimi is that you can able to taste many types of fishes in one plate. The fish in plate really looks attractive because the fish meats have different colours there are pink or red some looks pale. Most of the restaurants serve different kinds of fish in one large bowl because there are some customers instead they will order it one by kind much better if it is already assorted they can save money.

The assorted sashimi is one of the best type sashimi if you want try to eat sashimi especially to those first timers so that they can able to compare the different characteristics of meat. Like normal sashimi dish there is also side dishes like vegetables and fruits. It’s really nice to look the plate full of different kinds of fishes.

The wasabi and soy sauce will complete the assorted sashimi because it will complement to the meat of the fishes. The Japanese chefs has a high experience and with thorough knowledge on how to slice the sashimi meat in different way to look tempting so that the customers will love to order again and again. The presentation is one of the reasons why customers will select that particular food because from it looks alone it taste delicious.