ahi tuna sashimi

ahi tuna sashimi

Ahi tuna sashimi is one of the delicious sashimi in Japanese restaurants. Ahi tuna also known as yellowfin tuna that can be catch in the ocean. This kind of tuna has a fatty meat and the meat of ahi is good for making sashimi. Ahi tuna is one of the largest fish that can be catch in the ocean. This kind of fish is very popular because of its quality and freshness.

Before preparing ahi tuna sashimi check first the meat of the ahi of it’s still fresh. Ahi tuna is large so can make many serving in one large fish. In preparing sashimi the meat being used should undergo high inspection since sashimi is raw dish. Eating raw is somewhat dangerous if it’s not properly prepared. That is why home sashimi is prohibited to avoid health problems.

Food handlers should take extra care on checking the highest quality of the seafood meat they used for making sashimi. Sashimi is popular not only in the country Japan but sashimi is not new to other countries. It is because there so many Japanese restaurants open to different parts of the world and ahi tuna sashimi is one of their specialties. Sashimi is a kind of dish that has its own original taste.

Ahi Tuna should be freeze in highest temperature so that parasites will not attack the skin of the ahi. The meat of ahi tuna is thick and so fatty that the chef will slice it into thin. There are many different kinds of slices of the ahi tuna sashimi depends on how the chef wants to look in the plate presentation. Ahi tuna sashimi is good for the people who wants to get slim and on a diet because it’s very helpful to them.